Grey Sandstone Kerb


per linear metre

Packaging : Packed into Large white bags : (Coverage per pack: 20 linear meters per pack (150mm))

This Ageless Product will bring a suttle finish to your driveway or footpath , with a lovely tumbled finish which gives the kerb lovely round corners. The height of the Kerb is 150mm or 6 inches high, they are 100mm in width which is sufficient to drive your lawn mower wheel on leaving your deck overhang eliminating the need to strim. If you want to put a border to your foot path just have a browse at the gallery and see the kerb laid on its side to give you 150mm in width, this makes it even easier to cut the grass!. The length of the kerbing is free length ( 150mm to 450mm) this makes returning around corners seamless. This Product is available on both grey and Brown.
Other heights are also available in this product 100mm and 225mm also.